Deloran Muransky

It was clear at a very young age that Deloran was destined to have her own store.  From age 3, multiple outfit changes were a daily occurrence.  She arrived at Washington University in St. Louis with way too many suitcases for a shared double, and was soon the inspiration behind a Facebook group titled "I'm Obsessed with Dee's Accessories". (We didn't make this up. And remember this was back when Facebook was cool.) A double major in Marketing and French gave Deloran the opportunity to study in Paris, where she wore out multiple pairs of boots soaking up all that the most stylish city in the world had to offer.

Deloran has been a voluntary personal shopper for friends and family for as long as anyone can remember.  Her keen eye has made her an expert in finding the perfect dress for wildly vague dress codes (You say "Black Tie Friendly"? She says fitted black dress with a statement necklace.) and helping her 6' sister tell the difference between a dress and tunic. Deloran has spent her entire career in fashion and retail, learning the world of merchandising, buying, planning, product development and brand management at one of the country’s largest and most successful retailers.

This boutique is the manifestation of childhood dreams and a strong yearning for a job that allowed her to bring her dog to work every day.

Chris Muransky
Buyer/Therapist/Chief Mom-in-Charge

Chris brings years of stylish experience to the ivory and birch team. Since childhood, she has been fascinated by all things home, spending countless hours looking at her mother’s Architectural Digests. Her husband never knows what new furniture configuration awaits him on any given day.  After many cross country moves and decorating projects, Chris has finally found the perfect “job,” curating the furniture and accessories she loves.

She is an amazing mom to both doggies (usually the stray kind) and humans and can often be found holding a cup of coffee, a book or both.  She has a reputation for giving her (usually spot on) opinion whether asked for or not.